Monday, November 10, 2008

Unplugged Progress Report

(November 10) I guess we're coming up on two weeks without cable. For the three regular readers of this blog, here's how it's going.

I have been burning through my netflix account with abandon. House season 4 is finished (now THAT'S how you do a season finale) and Arrested Development season 3 is under way. NCIS has absolutely nothing of substance to recommend it, exactly, and yet is perfect brain popcorn. And Code Name: The Cleaner is 90 minutes of my life that I can never have back.

I listen to lots more music, and read even more than usual. But, I am still struggling to find something that allows the brain to just shut down and rest. Cable is not just back ground noise-- it's company you don't have to be a good host to and something sparkly to keep the brain just occupied enough. It is a kind of waking sleep, and it's precisely that state which I wanted to get away from. But I'm now casting about for some sort of mindless activity with which to replace it (no, blogging doesn't do it).

I didn't expect this to fall into place immediately-- any time you give up a drug you have a certain amount of detoxing to do. I'll be curious to see how that goes.


Joe said...

Why is "House" so compelling? I think it is less about the solving of the medical puzzle (always without reference to, well, references) than a rather perverse envy of House, who, due to his incredible diagnostic skills, is free to be as obnoxious as he likes, dispensing with all politesse and social grace.

Peter A. Greene said...

I am sure that's part of the appeal to some folks. It's a variation of a traditional male fantasy-- competence in a job so great that you get a pass on personal skills. Of course, in a larger sense that's a regular human belief, the idea that if I'm Right, I don't have to be nice or kind or even think about the point of view of people who I Know Are Wrong.

Personally, I am impressed by the writing and acting on the show, and I particularly love the interaction between House and Wilson. And generally I find the medical procedural stuff cool.

Anonymous said...

I love that Wilson really does see House, and the other way around, and yet is not running the other way. And having spent time in hospitals, it's entertaining to have the doctors actually say what you know they are thinking. Plus there's the mystery element, and Cuddy in her ever-so-professional hooker/doctor clothing....


Dittman said...

Found this today and thought you might be interested:

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