Sunday, July 20, 2008

Special FSCB Concert Bulletin

This week's Franklin Silver Cornet Band concert will feature an appearance by tuba pro Jim Self.

Self was born in Franklin and raised in Oil City. Consequently, though he's come back and appeared in the area a few times, I'm not sure that people in these parts get how enormous he is in the biz. He's the heir-apparent to the great Tommy Johnson, the go-to guy for film scores-- Self has appeared in everything from his famous mother ship solo in Close Encounters to more recent films like Lemony Snicket, War of the Worlds, & Sin City. He has way over a thousand film credits, as well as recording credits with everyone from Leon Redbone to Maynard Fergusun to Barbra Streisand. He has worked with orchestras and jazz groups around the globe. He is without a doubt one of the top low brass players in the world.

This Thursday night he'll be playing a couple of solo features with us, as well as sitting in with the band for the rest of the concert.

In a nice piece of book-ending, this week's concert will also feature the Junior Silver C's, a band composed of 5-8th graders from throughout Venangoland (Yes, it's the kind of summer music enrichment program that school districts used to do and could do today, but they don't, so we do). So the audience Thursday will get to see both the start and the peak of some musical careers.

So if you only make the trip to catch one or two concerts a summer, this Thursday's would be a good choice.

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