Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This Thursday night the Bully Hill Brass Band will be appearing at the South Park band stand. It will be a concert of traditional dixieland jazz, free and open to the public.

The band includes Dave Greene, Fred Frye, Ed Frye and Kristen Criado. Oh, and me. Drumming this time will be Nate Frye, and Suzi Ditzenberger will be guest vocalist for the shindig.

We've been around for years-- you might have caught us last spring as the house band for the Barrow-Civic production of A Night at Big Daddy's. Our repertoire runs from period pop pieces like "After You've Gone," "Five Foot Two" and "Ain't She Sweet" to jazz standards such as "That's A Plenty" and "Wolverine Blues."

We have a lot of fun, and we don't take things too seriously. We hope you will join us-- it will be a good time. And there will be popcorn for sale, too...

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Dittman said...

Good show - Amy and I didn't stay long, but I was really impressed. Ironically, Saturday night I went to see Del McCoury at BroBean and he kept saying about how great his live songs would be if they had they the Dixieland Band they played with on the CD! Sounds like a supergroup waiting to happen!

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