Saturday, June 16, 2007


Next weekend we'll be putting Sweet Charity on displqay at the Barrow. I'm not going to be plugging it in my column (I have some shame) but thought I'd say a couple of words to my three readers here.

Charity is not one of my most favoritest shows in the world. Its genesis was an attempt to turn a Fellini film into a Broadway musical, which makes about as much sense to me as an impulse to turn Greek statue into a coat. This is not a show that I could ever hjave stage directed, and God bless Ted Smith for taking on that task.

Our Charity is Terri Gilmore, who was last seen by Barrow audiences in Guys and Dolls as Adelaide. She is a terrific belter and has one of the toughest assignments in this show, which requires her to be on stage for almost every scene. Charity moves through an assortment of men, most notably Barrow regulars Steve Teig and Thomas Greene (yes, that's my son, which reminds me-- if anyone has some contacts in LA, my son is still trying to land an apartment for school there in the fall).

Marc Holland is choreographing the show. Marc is a tremendous dancer and choreographer and can do might fine singing when the occasion calls for it (this would be one of those occasions) and his presence on the production staff of a dance-intensive show like this is a big plus.

I'm the music director mostly because this is a fun score. "If My Friends Could See Me Now," "I'm a Brass Band" and "Big Spender" are the most recognizable tunes from this show, but there are several other terrific numbers as well, including "Rhythm of Life" and "I Love To Cry at Weddings."

It has been an enjoyable cast to work with, and your only chance to catch alocal musical at the Barrow this summer. If I weren't already going to be there, I would surely go. Next week-- Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a Sunday matinee.

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Mrs.C said...

On a side note, I have put out a feeler for apartments in LA to a very dear friend of mine. She and her fiance lived on Venice Beach for a short time and I believe they are currently in Century City or LA, still house hunting. The $$$ is quite high, as opposed to what us normal humans would pay, so I asked her to advise me on reasonable rent in safe areas. . .hopefully the two will combine.

Her name is Cathy. She is a 40something paralegal with a very good head on her shoulders, so her advice should be trustworthy. I'll let you know if she has any suggestions.

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