Saturday, October 28, 2006


The October 2 issue of Sports Illustrated included a column about Rauschenberg, who intends to run a marathon every weekend for a year. Rauschenberg currently lives in Arlington, VA-- he's a Titusville native and a Penn State grad, and he's continuing to work his day job during the week.

It's a quest that caught even the Ripley's staff's attention, and it will lead right back to Venangoland-- nobody anywhere had a marathon for him to enter at Christmastime, so he set up his own. The first annual Drake Well marathon will be run on December 23 and will be 105.5 laps of the THS track.

Registration info for that historic event, as well as further information about Rauschenberg's quest can be found here at his website .


Dittman said...

Maybe the Franklin Club can "run" it...I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your recent political column, but you really should consider voting for Hutchinson as opposed to his opponent Hutchison.
I kill me.

Dittman said...

Sorry, that should be the guy from the FC rather than the FC itself, although both are pretty funny mental images.

Dittman said...

I'm a dope. See my above comment.

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