Tuesday, September 12, 2006


An interesting new entry in the Venango area blogosphere is Where the Creek and the River Meet. The writer is new to Franklin, but she and her son have wasted no time getting out and about. It's fascinating to see the first impressions of someone who's seeing things like the Barrow and the bike trails and concerts in the park for the first time.


Condatis said...

Hey hi! Thanks. If you can't tell I am very new to blogging. Mind if I email for help in how to get a cool side bar with favorite links and other "blog tech" type questions?

Also just wanted to say if you come visit me from Venangoland please feel free to leave comments for me on things to explore or to share what you remember about your first impressions of the area or what resonates with you "lifers".

Its much easier being gregarious online :)

Peter A. Greene said...

Feel free to email me about bloggy stuff if you wish. Some days I have half a clue.

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